BLOG ACTION DAY 2009: Filipino bloggers take a stand on climate change

On October 15, bloggers worldwide will speak as one on climate change. We, Filipino bloggers, have much to say and share in this global conversation.

We apply now just survived and continue to grapple with supertyphoons Ondoy (Ketsana) and Pepeng (Parma) that snatched hundreds payday loans of lives, destroyed property payday the heist and livelihood and took the issue of climate payday 2 masks change to the very center of our conversations with family, friends, classmates, colleagues.

That it was caught unprepared to mitigate the effects of the rampaging floods is the government’s lightest offense. The worst is that it apparently ignored serious warnings raised in 2007 when an international study found the Philippines as the No. 1 victim of climate change in the previous year.

We cannot be apathetic or cynical. We as a people have the solemn duty to accept the reality of climate change, to study it, and to take a stand.

Bloggers Kapihan thus calls on Filipino bloggers to take time out on Oct. 15 to post your thoughts and aspirations, frustrations and hopes, photos, videos and stories, on climate change and how it affects our family, online payday loans community, country and the need help from payday loans globe, and how we online payday loans direct lenders wish to project payday make things better.

If you wish to join this event, write a post on climate change on Oct. 15 and place payday loans online no credit check a link to this post. You may also spread the word about Blog Action Day by placing this badge on your blog:

To grab and post the badge, use this code: <p style=”text-align: center;”><a href=””><img src=”; alt=”” width=”180″ height=”150″ /></a></p>

Together, let’s make the Philippine blogosphere take a stand on climate change — along with bloggers around the globe.

Endorsing organizations:

Supported by:

If your organization wishes to be included in payday loans near me this list, please leave a comment.

56 thoughts on “BLOG ACTION DAY 2009: Filipino bloggers take a stand on climate change

  1. Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) supports this Blog Action Day and one of our basic advocacy is on environmental protection and on empowering people to know more about Climate Change and how we can help in reducing our impacts as well as mitigate its effects.

    As a blogger I will also be joining.


  2. Environmental awareness is a duty where each and every one is obliged to be a part

    of. But to threat humanity of imaginary natural upheaval for the purpose of self

    gains is treachery and unacceptable. Although it is incumbent upon us to maintain our

    surroundings as environment friendly, we have to align our climate programs that are

    most beneficial to our locality. We do not have too much industrial emissions

    compared to the developed economies which need limitations and to go the way with

    their restrictions is to restrict the modest growth our country is painstakingly

    building up. There are developed economies, particularly India, China, and the United

    States, which do not adhere to the UN-IPCC sponsored Carbon dioxide emission control

    and they are not sold to the idea that man-made emission will contribute to global

    warming. Global warming and global cooling are natural earth’s climate cycle and

    humans are tiny things so as to cause any perturbation. Global warming or climate

    change alarmists have their own agenda for their own benefits… more at Warming Sun


  3. How much calamity or disaster we need to wake-up? as a citizen in every part of the world needed to take land owner need to utilize to local citizen use part of the road both sides to plant a father has that program of tree planting part of reforestation when i was 13 years old that was on the 70’ was abolish because big hacienderos won’t allow it.had they realize if ondoy happen in Negros Occidental? i will come home when i retire and wish our gov’t .will impose strict program of tree planting start from elementary as part of mandatory requirements (YCAP) i’m not sure if still utilize by education department.every part of the world needs to embrace this global problem. we need to educate ourselves the impact of global issue that we ignore for so many years we wasted.i keep educating my children this is every citizen of the world’s problem.local filipinos please help us also to prevent this will happen again .we have so many ways that we can is the time for politician to give all filipinos their future plans for the country. stop blaming each other it’s everybody’s problem. i still love our country, we have so many beauty that i always treasure whenever i visited other nation that we have so much to offer.


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