Join the Pinoy Citizen Journalism Seminar!

Bloggers Kapihan supports and encourages bloggers to join the Pinoy Citizen Journalism Seminar on Nov. 29 at the UP Diliman National Institute of Geological Sciences Bldg.!

Pinoy Citizen Journalism Seminar

  • To pre-register, download this form and email it to — the event is totally free.
  • To get a map of the venue, go here.

Seminar speakers are: Prof. Danny Arao (UP Journalism Department and columnist for Pinoy Weekly) for an introduction to

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Citizen Journalism; Tonyo Cruz (blogger and journalist) for Technology and Journalism; Iris Pagsanjan-Estrera (GMA7 News and associate producer of Saksi) for news writing; Rowena Carranza-Paraan (NUJP and PCIJ) for features writing; Sine Patriyotiko (SIPAT) for videography; and Jimmy Domingo

(photojournalist and coordinator for the Konrad Adenauer Center for Journalism photojournalism program).

The seminar is brought to us by Pinoy Weekly, College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), AGHAM-Youth and Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU) in association with the Philippine Reader.

Special request to our friends in the blogosphere: Please support this initiative by:

  1. by registering now and attending the seminar
  2. by reposting this
  3. by putting the seminar icon in your blog and linking it to the seminar site

4 thoughts on “Join the Pinoy Citizen Journalism Seminar!

  1. it’s just so bad that I missed the event! I was looking for stuff to do pa naman last week… bummer… anyway, I just discovered this site and I’d prolly be visiting this more frequently for more news about certain happenings…

    more power to your site!


  2. I want something to say about what is happening in our country right now. If Dr. Jose Rizal was still living….nowadays, he might be the President of the Republic of the Philippines,in the 2010 national elections.
    U know that during the Spanish colonial times, we were idiots and ignorantes as what was perceived by the friars or the priests during that era. Until now it is been running ,that kind of relation towards our poor people who the friars then look down at filipino people as atsay or atsoy or slaves.
    Until now , no one will goes down from the evil will of the present administration. Corruptions is the sickness of our troubledsome country at present. AS Dr. Jose Rizal has said, Without loyalty from the leadership,nothing will progress,but otherwize for the few ,who are hypocrites in the Eyes of Our Lord and God the Father who is in heaven.
    President Gloria M.Arroyo,must succumb to the will of the people and not her will.Because the will of the Pilipino people are the WILL OF OUR FATHER,God. She don`t have to say on her SONA,what she did in her government agenda for the past year,Why? It is her service for eaCH Of Us. She sold even by selling her cheap land in Bulacan, She advertently fooled a person by selling it to a P41M !!!!! noon ,GARCi tapes,Gulang na,pati ZTE and itong mga pagbyahe nya sa abroad,grabe na!!!!Mapagsamantala.Wake Up na , Mga Tulog na Believers of Christ and Mga tunay na senador at congrssman ng pilipinas,Kayu din bka pagtawanan na lang tayo sa ibang bansa.Pilipinas,Bansa ng mga magnnkaw.MAGULANG MASYADO AT MAGNNKAW ,SOBRA. ASAN LOYALTY MO SA BANDERA NATIN,HA ?iKAW NA MAPAGSAMANTALA NA ,SA NGAUN.-Sen.Trillanes,Roxas,Escudero,Lacson,Aquino (signed).thru our President Apollo Quiboloy -Present Appointed Son Of God -Davao Kingdom of Jerusalem Kingdom Of Jesus Christ=Kingdom Age/.


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