Featured post: Apol the Great

A consultant to folks who wish to migrate to Canada, Apol writes about the dreams he sees in the eyes of so many people who have sought his help.

He writes:

I have nothing against those who opted to leave the country to look for a greener pasture. It’s their families’ welfare and future at stake and it’s their right to secure it. However, immigrant visa application is not cheap and not everybody may qualify to apply. So what happens to the majority who don’t have the education and funds to apply for immigrant visa to countries like Canada, which promises generous government benefits?

Well, we’re stuck with a society governed by the few who owns the majority of the country’s wealth. This I think is what causes poverty – a system that tolerates exploitation, injustice and corruption.

Click here to read his post on Poverty and the Filipino Diaspora.

1 thought on “Featured post: Apol the Great

  1. Yes that is correct. But we should vigilant and not allow those government official to just come on our way. Someone who is on position must really be sincere on taking care of the country. We as the citizen of this country must take our responsibility so that this place would be a few place of hope rather than a place of dismay. Do you know that we are still lucky to have such natural resources? How many foreigners who wants to live in our country? I just hope that in the next few years the number of the those who live our country for good will be lessen. And that more people want to live in here bcoz its a place called paradise. Just like my friend Mike who started his blog about moving in here soon. visit his website.


    and help him to realize how beautiful this country is 🙂


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