You don’t have a blog but you want to join the Blog Action Day 2008?

We’ve been asked this question in several email groups.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Post a comment here about your views on poverty. Speak out!
  2. Ask other non-bloggers to do the same.
  3. Go start a blog — its really simple and fun! Try it out here or here.

Thanks for expressing your support!

1 thought on “You don’t have a blog but you want to join the Blog Action Day 2008?

  1. I am a pastor’s wife. My husband has a degree in Metallurgical Engineering and I had a two-year scholarshhip stint at a Medical College. Had we pursued our careers, he would have been by now at Philex Mining and I would have been a barrio doctor. We gave that up for a nobler goal.
    What has that to do with alleviating poverty?
    We believe government reforms, economic programs and especially education, are good. But societies change, for better or for worse, as families change. And families change as the individuals comprising it, change. Change the world one soul at a time. We have seen, in our ministry, visible permanent changes that may put to shame the efforts of DSWD or DepEd. We have seen drunkards become sober enough to come home smelling good and bringing food. We have seen squealing mahjongeras become decent mothers who bring up healthy, responsible kids. We have seen bums who suddenly became ambitious and hardworking. Poverty does not beget thieves and rebels. My parents were both mouse-poor but they are the most honest people I know. Thieves and rebels beget poverty.
    We are inconspicuous people who are in the shadows making a difference. It is not our goal to alleviate poverty. But in the process of teaching men, womena and children the Bible, we inevitably lift people not just to higher standards of living, but to higher planes of values and ethics.
    We hope to grow old leaving a silent trail of righteous, responsible, resilient and respectable families.


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