ZTE star witness Jun Lozada now blogging at JLozada.com

The BK Crew thanks all those who attended yesterday’s launching of instant payday loans the blog of NBN-ZTE star witness Rodolfo Noel “Jun” Lozada.

He is now blogging at www.jlozada.com, http://onlinepaydayloansusca.com/apply.html and his first entry is a message to the

Filipino youth.

Special thanks goes to Dohn Nalumen Jr., the Kape Tasyo staff, and the College Editors’ Guild of the Philippines.

Below http://paydayloansnearmeus.com/ are media reports on the event:

5 thoughts on “ZTE star witness Jun Lozada now blogging at JLozada.com

  1. Hi Jun,
    If you did not kowtow to any politician or businessman, whatever people think about you is not important Let’s face it, in the history of Philippine politics, how many officials EVER OPENLY ADMITTED stealing public assets? Everybody knows that by doing so will make his/her life extremely miserable because of counter attacks. I’m praising you not for your past misdeeds but somebody has to step up in this critical time of severe economic turmoil. It takes a lot of guts to do so especially sacrificing your family’s safety which many people do not understand. Is this more important than any financial consideration offered you? You may be called the guinea pig. Who cares? We need another starter.

    Just imagine what Ninoy went through in his effort to reform the country then. During those times, like now, “genuine” oppositionists are minorities. He was mocked, worse, incarcerated and assasinated. But, it was not a futile effort as we all know what happened next.

    I support other judicial options like perhaps putting to trial erring officials via a simple jury system as what have been suggested by a contributor which is very effective here in the US. We have lots of “raw” brilliant lawyers who can review the process. Only see to it, that there’s no way these juries (ordinary citizens) can be bribed.
    Otherwise, we go back to square one. I suggest a PLEBISCITE on this issue.

    Chuck, CA


  2. Mr.Lozada should not be used by politicians furhering their own interest. We can really see as to who are the players who uses him just to further their political survival. Just like Mr. Lozada said “poor country”, kawawa naman ang bansang Pinas hanggang ngayon walang nangyayari mabuti sa Pinas dahil sa katulad ni Mr.Lozada who pretends to be a righteous person yet he also a graft ridden official of the government. He can fool people but not all.


  3. Let us not forget that politicians will use just about anyone for the advancement of their own agenda. Jun Lozada is one hot item that opposition politicians can definitely ride along with in order to show their support for the cause that Jun Lozada is fighting for. Jun in my opinion has no choice except to show basic courtesy and gratitude for these politicians who appear to suppor him.

    It is however different if Jun comes all out to support a particular candidate in the coming elections. He should limit himself to just exposing the anomalies he sees in the government and let the people decide for themselves. Just like John the Baptist who preached repentance of sins in preparation of the coming of the Redeemer, Jun should direct the attention to the TRUTH and not to himself. Only by doing this will he succeed in promoting the cause he is fighting for.


  4. Jun, don’t waste your time with these politicians. Gagamitin ka lang nila. Don,t ever think that you are using them to your advantage…you’re dead wrong. It’s the other way around. They are instead using you without you knowing it. Please stay away from these trapos…. hanggang ngayon ginagamit ka nila…


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