Blogs nina Jun Lozada at Among Ed Panlilio, ilulunsad ng Bloggers’ Kapihan

Malugod kayong inaanyayahan ng Bloggers’ Kapihan sa magkasunod na blog launches sa dalawang susunod na Sabado. Sasamahan ng BK Crew sa paglulunsad ng kanilang blog sina Jun Lozada — ang pangunahing saksi sa pagdinig ng Senado sa payday loans az ZTE payday loans in maryland deal payday 2 jacket — at si Among Ed Panlilio — ang gobernador ng Pampanga na iniluklok ng “people power” noong nakaraang halalan.

Samahan ninyo kami sa Sabado, May 31, 2008, 1pm sa Kape Tasyo sa payday loans online Anonas, Quezon City sa blog launch ni Jun Lozada.

Sa Hunyo payday loans las vegas 7 naman, 30 bloggers ang dadalhin ng Bloggers’ Kapihan online payday loan sa Among payday loans online no credit check Ed blog launch. May libreng sakay, project payday pagkain at

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pamamasyal sa Pampanga para sa mga sasama.

Abangan dito sa BK website ang kumpletong detalye ng mga gawaing payday loans iyan. Samantala, paki-markahan na ang inyong kalendaryo para muli namin kayong makadaupang-palad sa susunod na dalawang Sabado.


15 thoughts on “Blogs nina Jun Lozada at Among Ed Panlilio, ilulunsad ng Bloggers’ Kapihan

  1. Si Lozada? Naniniwala ba kayo diyan. E, napakacorrupt niyan. Yan ba ang ginagawa niyong bayani? Sabihin niyo sa kanya na isauli muna niya at mga kamaganak yung mga ninakaw nila sa Phil Forest Corporation.



    By Julius F. Fortuna
    No tax money for Jun Lozada’s trips

    The public reaction was rather unexpected when Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile revealed the P2 million plus in taxpayer money spent for NBN-ZTE witness Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada. Instead of supporting Lozada, the public thought that the expense was undeserved. After all, Lozada enjoyed the support of some elements among the religious who have money to spend for his security.

    More surprising was Sen. Nene Pimentel’s support for Enrile’s move to determine whether or not it is proper to spend taxpayers money for Lozada’s security and upkeep. It is said that in the Senate, what Enrile supports, Nene opposes—but not in this case.

    Many suspect that Lozada may have spent that money in the many speaking tours he had in the provinces. Surely, these barnstorming activities are no longer related to his Senate testimony. These expenses should be borne by his political supporters who believe in his cause. But to get them from tax money is inappropriate. In our country, the rule is you enjoy the Bill of Rights, but you cannot use tax money without appropriation by Congress.

    Lozada’s P2 million expenses was the subject of conversation in a recent major gathering of lawyers in Naga City. One of the topics discussed on the side was the boycott staged by many priests against the star witness from Bicol. It was said that the Archdiocese of Nueva Caceres has discouraged priests from saying mass for Lozada, saying that the Eucharistic Celebration is not imbued with politics.

    My sources said that it would have been easy for the Catholic Church in Bicol to bend backwards to accommodate the witness in the religious masses, especially since Lozada is a product of the University of Santo Tomas. Remember that Nueva Caceres Archbishop Leonardo Legazpi was the first Filipino rector of the Dominican university.

    The lawyers also recalled that UST officials like Fr. Tamerlane Lana and Fr. Rolando de la Rosa appeared cold towards Lozada in his visits to UST in the aftermath of his Senate testimonies. The UST rector once said—and this was reportedly said right in the presence of Lozada and former President Cory Aquino—that the only acceptable way to change the national leadership is through the Constitution. That was a clear rebuff coming from the Dominican leaders.

    Those who are in the know say that the Dominican leadership is not very fond of their now-famous alumnus. The talk is that the Dominicans know Lozada better than we all do. But that problem is for Lozada and his mentors to sort out.

    Lozada has said that he would continue with his speaking engagements in the universities. That is his right and we should defend his prerogative so long as tax money is not used.

    (Sana naman hindi idelete ng mga administrator ng blog na ito ang mahalagang article na ito. Being a taxpayer, I believe we should shoulder the expenses of Lozada to further his political ambition. Sobra na yan!)


  3. Hehehehe. Mukhang nilalangaw itong blog na ito. Laos na yata si Lozada. Mukhang nabisto na ang pagkatao nitong taong ito. Kunwari maraming alam, e isa rin pala itong double dealing broker ng mga kontrata sa gobierno. Paano nioya maiexplain ang permissible zone sa graft and corruption.

    Wala. Puro langaw ang bisita rito. Hehehehe.


  4. Ano pa bang hindi nasasabi ni Crying Boy na kailangan pa ang blog na ito?
    Ano ba ito propaganda sa kanyang political ambition ngayong nawawala na ang kanyang ningning?

    Ang tagal na ito. Langaw pa rin ang bumibisita tulad ko. Bwahahahaha!!!!


  5. Just recently a friend of mine was consulted by Jun Lozada regarding some “land issues” of the La Salle brothers. He was surprised when Jun Lozada said that “puwede mo bang tulungan itong mga brothers sa problema nila sa lupa, tignan mo nga din kung paano tayo kikita.”

    Wow… pati ba naman mga pari gusto mong pagkakitaan JUN !!!!!!!!!!


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